Pancreatic Cancer Patient Stories

  • Genevieve Sliker

    Genevieve Sliker

    Although Genevieve Sliker tells other cancer patients to be patient, she doesn’t waste time herself. In October 2010, she discovered a lump on her navel and went to the doctor that same day. Within two days, she had an ultrasound, which was inconclusive. A few days later, Genevieve underwent a CAT Scan. By the time she arrived home from the test, her doctor had left a message to come to her office. That is when Genevieve learned she had a cancerous tumor in her pancreas, just two weeks after her husband’s cousin lost his life to this aggressive disease.

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  • Elva Blendt

    Elva Blendt

    Elva Blendt isn't one to run to the doctor. In fact, the plainspoken 78-year-old would be the first to say that she's usually "scared to death of doctors." Which was why, when she started having shortness of breath back in December 2004, it took her granddaughter Nicole's insistence to get her to the emergency room.

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  • Gary Burk

    Gary Burk

    Gary Burk is no stranger to challenge. The 63-year-old Langhorne resident has managed diabetes for much of his adult life, and a few years ago he had rotator cuff surgery that sent him to early retirement on disability. However, a diagnosis of cancer was the last thing he expected to hea

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  • Lou Ciaverelli

    Lou Ciaverelli

    Louis Ciaverelli didn't have time to get sick, much less for cancer. He was operating his own business, Top of the Line Cosmetic and Fragrance Company in New Jersey. Then, in early September of 2000, Lou learned he had pancreatic cancer.

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  • Bill Demesquita

    Bill Demesquita

    Pancreatic Cancer - A Very Rare Variety

    After many years working in the mortgage business, Bill Demesquita attributed his recurring stomach pain to either an ulcer or reflux disease. When his antacid tablets were not enough to handle the discomfort, Bill's wife, Cheryl, decided, "Enough is enough. Bill was going to see a gastroenterologist."

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