Head and Neck Cancer Patient Stories

  • Kevin Logan

    Kevin Logan

    In May 2010, Kevin Logan and his wife of 11 years, Devra, were heading to his daughter, Lindsay's graduation from University of North Carolina of Wilmington. While there, Devra noticed a lump on Kevin's neck. She decided to keep it quiet for the weekend in order to enjoy the celebration. On the way home, Kevin who had also noticed the lump, showed it to Devra.

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  • Stephen Meier

    Stephen Meier

    Cancer of the Larynx

    Stephen Meier is proud of his Philadelphia roots. This Somerton resident speaks with a decidedly Philly cadence, an especially notable feature since he had his larynx removed in 2012 when he was 59.

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  • Charlie Osborne

    Charlie Osborne

    Cancer of the Larynx

    Charlie Osborne quit smoking over 20 years ago because he noticed people getting annoyed with smokers - and was no longer allowed to smoke at work. He also knew it was a health hazard. By quitting the habit, Charlie thought his chances of developing cancer had been diminished. Unfortunately, it was not the case.

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  • Paul Reitano

    Paul Reitano

    Tonsil Cancer

    Paul Reitano was in very good health prior to his cancer diagnosis. An avid participant of martial arts and working-out, he is fortunate to have two successful careers: his day job is working as an engineer’s assistant for the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, and his second career is as a photographer of both of corporate and social events.

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  • Lynn Schoepske

    Lynn Schoepske

    Cancer of the Mandible (Jaw)

    Lynn Schoepske has been brushing his teeth twice a day religiously for 80 years - well, maybe 79. He never smoked or chewed tobacco. That is why he was so surprised to learn he had cancer in his mandible, or lower gum.

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