Kidney Cancer Patient Stories

  • Denise Coldwater

    Denise Coldwater

    Kidney Cancer

    In 1999, at the age of 45, Denise Coldwater of Enid, Oklahoma, was diagnosed with kidney cancer. At the time, her only choice was a total nephrectomy (removal of the kidney). After treatment, Denise resumed her life raising three sons and teaching school. At home, she and her husband, Mike, ran a cattle ranch. Hoping her cancer journey was in her rear view mirror, Denise was shocked in 2014 to learn she had cancer again - this time in her remaining kidney. With her life on the line, Denise began a national search for answers which ended at Fox Chase Cancer Center—1,500 miles from home.

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  • Shirley Danner

    Shirley Danner

    Forty-five days. That's how long it took from the moment in February 2011 that Shirley Danner, who was 73, felt a lump on her side when she rolled over in bed to the day her cancerous kidney was removed at Fox Chase Cancer Center. "It all happened so fast," said Shirley, who lives in Willow Street, Pennsylvania, about two hours from the Fox Chase campus.

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  • Louis Della Penna

    Louis Della Penna

    The burden of cancer is one that Louis Della Penna knows all too well. In 1994, Louis came to Fox Chase with concerns about a chronic sore throat. He met with Dr. John "Drew" Ridge, chief of head and neck surgery. Dr. Ridge determined that his sore throat was caused by acid reflux. Fortunately for Louis, Dr. Ridge did not stop his examination there.

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  • Marion Evans

    Marion Evans

    Kidney Cancer

    Marion Evans and his wife, Terri Rinaldi-Evans, truly appreciate the quiet beauty surrounding their home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. That’s because they spent most of their life working in the music industry in New York City. Marion is a veteran music arranger and composer, and Terri an accomplished singer. So when Marion learned he had a growth on his kidney 2006 at the age of 80, he could have easily traveled to New York for treatment. But Fox Chase Cancer Center was recommended by some friends. He made the call that changed his life.

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  • Angela Fedele

    Angela Fedele

    In 1983, Angela Fedele was diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time she was going through a divorce. This 42-year-old mother of 4 felt that her whole life was crumbling apart. "I felt totally alone and full of despair," shared Angela, who put her health in the hands of her surgeon. After the mastectomy to remove the cancer, Angela tried to pick up the pieces of her life and move on. Little did she know this was just the beginning of a long journey with cancer that would span more than 2 decades.

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