Skin Cancer Patient Stories

  • Tina McDonnell

    Tina McDonnell

    Basal Cell Carcinoma

    As a fair redhead, Tina McDonnell’s mother took every precaution to protect her from sun exposure from an early age. Through her teenage years, Tina was vigilant about wearing sunscreen and during her twenties and thirties maintained the same conservative philosophy with sun exposure. She saw her dermatologist each year and at age 35, she noticed something on her left cheek. The spot was pre-cancerous and she had it removed.

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  • Sister Marcille McEntee

    Sister Marcille McEntee

    Sister Marcille McEntee is no stranger to miracles.  As a Sister, and Servant of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, her faith is deep and abiding.  Yet to see a miracle at work in her own life is still a special blessing.  

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  • Richard Millham

    Richard Millham

    Merkel Cell Carcinoma

    When he started running in 1989 at the age 55, Dick Millham thought he was taking strides towards a healthier lifestyle. And while he was indeed doing his heart and body good, the fact that he ran in the heat of summer without the benefit of hat, shirt or sunscreen eventually caught up with him. “I always thought that my olive skin meant I wouldn’t have a problem with the sun or skin cancer,” said Dick.

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  • Donna Piunt

    Donna Piunt

    Melanoma, Stage 3B

    In November 2011, Donna Piunt was driving along to work like any other 51-year-old, jamming to music in her car. She and her husband, Stefan, were happily married and they had two beautiful daughters in their twenties. Donna arrived to work with a smile on her face as she greeted the little boy she cared for a a nanny. In her spare time, she was pursuing her Associate’s Degree in medical billing and coding, which she could work on while the little boy napped. Still, she asked herself, “What am I doing to make a difference?” Donna would soon find out when she was diagnosed with stage 3b melanoma as she took on the role of educating others about the dangers of the sun.

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  • Patricia Prior-Scheivert

    Patricia Prior-Scheivert


    Pat Prior-Scheivert knew something was wrong in November 2008 when she found a lump the size of a lemon on the right side of her groin. “It wasn’t there when I showered that morning, but it was that night,” she recalled.  Pat, who was 69 at the time, didn’t waste time getting to her family doctor, who ordered a CAT scan.

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